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National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
National Science Complex, College of Science
University of the Philippines Diliman
Quezon City 1101

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Director’s Office8981-8500 loc 3951
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs8981-8500 loc 3952
Disease Molecular Biology and Epigenetics Laboratory (DMBEL)8981-8500 loc 3953
Guard Outpost8981-8500 loc 3954
Laboratory Manager8981-8500 loc 3955
Supply Office8981-8500 loc 3955, 8925-3250 (Telefax)
Deputy Director for Resources and Facilities8981-8500 loc 3958
Instructor’s Room8981-8500 loc 3959
Protein Structure and Immunology Laboratory (PSILab)8981-8500 loc 3960
Administrative Officer8981-8500 loc 8615
Administrative Staff8981-8500 loc 8616, 8925-3249 (Telefax)
Aquatic Biotechnology Lab (ABL)8981-8500 loc 8617
Plant Molecular Biology and Plant Virology Laboratory (PMBPVL)8981-8500 loc 8618
Faculty Room (2nd Floor)8981-8500 loc 8619
RA Area8981-8500 loc 8620
Molecular Toxicology Research Laboratory (MTRL)8981-8500 loc 8621
Molecular Microbiology Laboratory (MML)8981-8500 loc 8622
MDIC8981-8500 loc 3706
UPD Police8981-8559 local 113
UPD Security Helpline(+63 9) 17-597-1984
University Health Services (UHS) Public Health Unit (PHU)(+63 9) 47-427-9281
Campus Maintenance Office8981-8500 local 116
 (+63 9) 77-784-1234
Barangay UP Campus(+63 2) 8426-9779