DMBEL Services

The Laboratory Services arm of the Disease Molecular Biology and Epigenetics Laboratory (DMBEL) offers a suite of mostly cell-based assays to serve the needs of DOST-funded drug discovery projects as well as third-party clients.Bioactive hits from primary screens can be tested for drug-induced hepato-, nephro- and cardiotoxicity, which are responsible for high attrition rates in early-stage drug discovery. Confirmatory orthogonal and secondary assays are also available to eliminate artefactual drug bioactivities from primary screens due to pan-assay interference compounds and color effects. Most assays are in 96- or 384-well format and some are pathway-specific,thus providing clues on mechanism of action or the signaling cascade in which an extract/compound impinges. High-content imaging (using GE Healthcare’s IN Cell Analyzer 6000) is used in many of the assays, allowing more physiologically relevant readouts that are able to visualize subcellular and organelle phenomena.The medium-to-high throughput nature of HCI also affords multi-parametric information from each sample and even from individual cells, delivering different insights on a compound’s mode of action and/or non-specific effects early on.

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