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Eloise I. Prieto, PhD
Dr. Prieto
The Nanobiology Laboratory (NBL) is one of the Institute’s newest laboratories. Established in 2013, the NBL merges biological research with nanotechnology. NBL utilizes tools like the atomic force microscopy (AFM) along with fluorescence microscopy to tackle biological problems.

The primary goals of the laboratory are to gain insight on the structure and function of biological systems on the nanoscale, and to use this knowledge to develop materials with better biocompatibility for biological applications. It is one of the few laboratories in the Philippines that deal with the physical analysis of biological systems.

Currently, the laboratory is investigating the genomic material of archaea. The laboratory is cultivating various archaeal species to understand the correlation of their nucleoid morphology with cell physiology in this domain of life. Elucidation of the mechanics of DNA folding is being done through nanoscale and biochemical characterization of purified and reconstituted chromatin.

The laboratory is also coordinating with other laboratories from various disciplines like polymer chemistry and material science to develop biocompatible materials for biomedical applications. Biological properties of plasma and chemically modified materials will be analyzed through in vitro techniques using cell culture-based bioassays.