PMBPVL logo The Plant Molecular Biology and Plant Virology Laboratory (PMBPVL) was established in 2004 as a research and training facility with Dr. Vermando Aquino as principal investigator. Since then, the PMBPVL has provided research training to 32 undergraduate students, two MS students, and two post-graduate research fellows.

Research in PMBPVL is focused on viral diversity, plant pathology and plant–virus interactions, mainly on viruses infecting abaca, a Philippine indigenous plant valued internationally for its fiber.

The PMBPVL aims to characterize these viruses and to utilize them in biotechnology applications. In addition, diversity and epidemiology work is being conducted on Philippine isolates of bunchy-top viruses and molecular characterization and cloning work is being done on
mushroom coviruses.

The molecular characterization of abaca bunchy top virus (ABTV), development of viral gene constructs and biolistic transformation of selected abaca cultivars. This project aims to develop BTV-resistant abaca varieties using a PDR-based approach to alleviate industry losses due to disease.

Functional analysis of the protein encoded by the ABTV DNA-R gene. This project investigates how the encoded protein of the ABTV DNA-R gene initiates the replication of ABTV genome components on Nicotiana sp., a model plant system.

Recombinant expression of viral proteins for antiserum production. This project utilizes recombinant viral antigens to generate rabbit antisera for ELISA-based detection of different
abaca-infecting viruses.

Isolation and characterization of viruses associated with cultivated mushrooms. This project aims to probe and characterize mycoviruses infecting cultivated mushrooms in the Philippines that are causing losses in yield and quality.

Vermando M. Aquino, PhD
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