under the DOST-funded project “Confirmatory and Orthogonal
Assays to Eliminate Artefactual Drug Bioactivities (PHASE 2):
Expanded Suite of Assays to Include Multiple Hallmarks of Cancer”.

Salary: PHP 22,461.60 per month

Start date: February 01, 2019

Duties and responsibilities:
-Assist in the procurement of reagents and equipment.
-Maintain a catalogue of bioactive extracts from the collaborating
institutions under the DDHP program.
-Maintain a database of the results of the project.
-Perform inventory of laboratory supplies and equipment.
-Prepare a financial report at the end of each quarter.
-Perform job-related duties as required or as may be assigned by
the project leader.

Minimum requirements and qualifications:
-At least two years of college education and/or at least two years of
work experience in a similar field
-Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Word and Excel
-Basic accounting skills
-Outstanding organizational and time management skills
-Positive and encouraging personality
-Diligent, hard-working, and resourceful
-Able to work independently with little supervision

If interested, please send the following to dmbel.ddoa@gmail.com
no later than January 29, 2019:

  1. Cover letter addressed to Dr. Reynaldo L. Garcia
  2. Curriculum vitae or resumé
  3. Proof of educational attainment and/or work experience