MBB Week is back this year with a fresh new look! Join the UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society (UP MBBS) and take the leap as we hold a week-long celebration dedicated to all things MBB. Find out what each day’s event has to offer:

Monday, 27 March
MBB Week 2017 kicks of with its annual Academic Project, entitled Pioneers: A Science Camp for kids. This year’s Academic Project aims to give back to the community by hosting a whole-day science event for underprivileged children. It will be held in the CS Amphitheater, with interactive workshops and fun demonstrations to show the kids the wonders of science.

Tuesday, 28 March
Starting tuesday, the MBB Week 2017 Exhibit will be up for all to see. It will be located in different institutes each day, and will be available for viewing until. A food fair will also be in the ASCAL Walkway, so be sure to stop by and visit the concessionaires to grab food and drinks.

Wednesday-Thursday, 29-30 March
To highlight the importance of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the food industry, a booth called “Ta-HOMAYGAD” will be set up in the ASCAL Walkway. Passers-by will be given free taho, and anybody can join taho-eating contests to win special prizes.

Thursday, 30 March
TsaMBBahan, the game show you cannot prepare for, is back this year at the Engineering Theater with some new twists! Teams of three players participate in a quiz-bee style contest full of unexpected questions. Pre-register at tinyurl.com/TSMBB2017 

Friday, 31 March
The annual MBB Night will be held at the NIMBB to cap off the week’s events. This culminating party is open to all NIMBB students, faculty, and staff, in celebration of the field, the organization, and the institute.

MBB Week 2017 is Brought to you by the UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society. 
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